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Danny Solomon as Macbeth and Hannah Ellis Ryan as Lady Macbeth, modern civil war era

Elysium Theatre presents William Shakespeare's


directed by Jake Murray

featuring Danny Solomon as Macbeth and
Hannah Ellis Ryan as Lady Macbeth

Elysium Theatre did two Shakespeare plays in 2023 for the revived Durham Shakespeare Festival, starting in early July (mostly at the Assembly Rooms) and finishing in repertory on Palace Green for Durham Shakespeare festival. I designed the sound  for Macbeth and operated it for most of the Assembly Room run, although I delegated sound operation in Durham Fringe week as I was busy running another venue.

And so, I got on board one of the greatest cautionary tales of all time, namely that whilst it's great to have a wife who's supportive of your career, it's sometimes a good idea to have an honest discussion together and follow through any future pitfalls you might not have thought through. Also the definitive cautionary tale to beware of oddly specific caveats in prophecies. no matter how unlikely the situation covered appears to be.

One of the easier sound jobs in the end, as many of the more complex sounds originally planned ended up being done as live instruments on stage. Although I did get the unexpected task of packing up all of the sound equipment suddenly brought in to Ushaw Hall. That was a new challenge, working out where all the wires were going and how to take it apart.


Ushaw Historic House: 8th July 2023 (operated by me)

Assembly Rooms Durham: 12th - 15th July 2023 (operated by me and Lee Ward in handover)

Palace Green Stretch Tent, Durham Fringe:  26th, 28th and 29th July 2023 (operated by Lee Ward)

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