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Howard and Mimi flyer, using the eyes of a dog and cat as letters.

Howard and Mimi

written by Caroline Gold
directed by Chris Neville-Smith
performed by Jack Feeney and Stephanie Cubello

Oh my God! You're deflating!"
"I'm hissing, you moron!"

When Nick and Jane move in together, a bright future awaits. But this story isn't about them, it's about Howard and Mimi, who also move in together. Howard is a boisterous hound and Mimi is a catty diva. Can they ever be friends, or will they always fight like cat and dog?

Howard and Mimi is play I'd been trying to stage for ten years. Various attempts to do this previously had fallen foul of casting problems or amateur dramatics politics, and when I saw an opportunity to do this for the launch of the inaugural Durham Fringe, this almost suffered a similar fate. One drop-out due to catching Coronavirus, a recasting, and then my other actor also testing positive and having to self-isolate for most of the remaining period, we were left with days to put something on. But my actors rallied together and we somehow managed to get to a near-professional standard in a week and a half.

For the benefit of anyone who needs catching up, Howard is a dog and Mimi is a cat, played by - in Caroline Gold's words - "the human embodiments of the animals they represent". Yes, really. Trust me on this one.


Past Performances

City Theatre for Durham Fringe: 28th - 31st July 2021


written by Caroline Gold

directed by Chris Neville-Smith


Jack Feeney as Howard

Stephanie Cubello as Mimi