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Durham Fringe

Since the start of Durham Fringe in 2021, I have been looking after acts at the City Theatre. As the only member of Durham Dramatic Society who has an interest in fringe theatre, and also the only person involved in Durham Fringe who knows the way around the City Theatre, I've been in the best place to do this. So far the last week in July, this is been what I've been doing.

This has also been where I've showcased some of my fringe work, although, for a number of reasons, Brighton and Buxton Fringe remain my primary choice for getting my work out there. I did Howard and Mimi to get the festival going back in 2021, and in 2022 I followed up my run of The Rats in the Walls at Buxton Fringe with Durham Fringe. I would love It's Not Cluedo to be a fixture in Durham, but the Rotunda venue at Brighton Fringe and Laurels at Whitley Bay got there first.

If you dealt with someone going through the logistics of putting something on at the City Theatre, had someone operating your sound, helped you get large items in and out of the theatre or generally ran round the theatre like an over-stressed madman, that was probably me.

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Here's some of the acts I hosted at the City Theatre who were doing, or went on to do, great things.

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