Introducing “It’s Not Cluedo!”
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Introducing “It’s Not Cluedo!”
It's Not Cluedo as test; three cards for suspect, weapon and location.

So one of the reasons I've set up a playwriting website of my own is because, for the last few years, I've been announcing everything on Twitter. But that's not really ideal if your announcement is more than 280 characters. Also, it's touch and go whether Twitter's going to survive an billionaire egomaniac much longer. As it happens, at the time of writing this I have two (possibly three) things I'm itching to announce that I can't yet tell you. But there's one thing I can tell you about which is already public knowledge:

I'm doing a comedy game show. Yes, really. I'm as surprised as you are. But ever since I ended up playing Imaginary Porno Charades at Brighton Fringe 2016 I've been learning more about these events. One of the things that holds the big festivals together are events where performers from other shows get together to play a game. The real object of the game isn't to win, as such - it's to be funny and make it a fun hour for everybody. After getting further inspiration from Knightmare Live and Rob Rouse's Late Night Dirty Scrabble (plus John Robertson's The Dark Room and Mike Raffone's Great Green Gameshow Giveaway where the audience plays the game), I got an idea for my own game. And it stuck. And, to my surprise, when I actually did test runs of this game, I found my crazy idea actually worked. Also to my surprise, The Rotunda has taken on this game as a co-production.

So, what is the game? Well, it's a celebration of the greatest murder mystery ever made. As everybody knows, all murders have six suspects, six weapons and nine locations. But we're not going to rip off their story - we're going to write our own. With the audience choosing the setting and murder victim, the guests choosing their own characters, and a brainstorm on our list of weapons and locations, we will solve the murder the way all murders are solved: the suspects taking it in turns to guess suspect, weapon and location until we get a match. (What's that, I hear you say? In real life murders are solved by detective? Don't be silly.)

I'll shortly be posting a page with a record of all games played so far, but if you want an idea of what to expect, our first game solved the murder of Boris Johnson on a Desert Island whilst recording Desert Island Discs - oh come on, where do you think Desert Island Discs is recorded?

So the first ever fringe appearance will be at Brighton Fringe at The Rotunda on the Saturday 4th and Saturday 25th May (that's the two bank holiday weekends) at 1.30 p.m. Tickets here. Before that, the first ever run on the game in front of a live audience will take place at Laurels on the 25th April at 7.30 p.m. This is a preview and is free, but there's still tickets to be sure of a place.

Many many thanks to the people who took part in the previews: Hooky Productions, Robert Cohen, Shellshock Improv, Brain Soup Collective, Debbie Cannon and Richard Stamp from The Wee Review - without them, I would never have dared do this.