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Welcome to the new website!

Greetings. I have been meaning for years to get round to a proper refresh of my website, which hasn't been updated since ... err, 2018. If you can be bothered with the technical explanation, I created the website back in the days when it was still normal to knock up websites directly in HTML. I won't bore you with the technicalities, but the main problem with this - apart from the technical knowledge needed to do it in the first place - is that this is an absolute bugger to maintain. However, setting up a new site required me getting a grip on how to set up a content management system. You don't need to know what that is - suffice to say, it sounded like a hard task and I kept putting it off.

BUT ... in a quiet period of my day job, the subject of creating a new website in WordPress came up, and I offered to spend some time researching the feasibility of setting up a site. And it turns out it was a lot easier than I expected. What I thought would be a massive slog is something I've managed to knock together in two days.

Feel free to have a look around, and please let me know if you spot something that's not right. I haven't yet had time to test this properly. Also, this site is based on a WordPress template called "Scoop", which I've since discovered is a template specifically for ice cream sellers. If you see an unexplained reference to ice cream anywhere, that'll be why.

I've got a couple of proper theatre announcements coming up, but those can wait. Have a look around and let me know what you think.

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