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Drawing of people queuing outside a fish and chip shop

CaroleW productions presents

Haddock and Chips

directed by Jake Murray

performed by Phillippa Wilson and Joe Caffrey

This wasn't an Elysium Theatre production, but I ended up involved anyway because Jake Murray directed it and I was one of two Elysium regulars (along with Louis Price for set design) who can along with this. This came in two parts: the first at the end of R&D in the summer of 2020, and the second in 2021 after theatres once getting going again (with Bob played by Brian Lonsdale). The first one was the biggest novelty though: the main stage of Newcastle Theatre Royal when it was otherwise out of action. So, technically, I have teched at Newcastle Theatre Royal if I ever dare put that on my CV.

Janet Plater is actually one of my favourite active north east writers, so I was delighted to be part of this. There were quite a lot of parallels to Jim Cartwright's Two in the story, this time at Frankie’s Chippy. Two acts play both chippy workers Brenda and Bob and a multitude of customers and other visitors to the store - but instead of a build-up to a bottled up tragedy, there's a more feel-good setting of a community uniting to find a missing girl.

My first real challenge in terms of last-minuting editing in the hours up to the first performance - although I'd previously done more complex sound plots, up to now I'd managed to get most of the work done and dusted in advance. This time, there was lots of last-minute editing to fit with what was happening on stage. Curiously enough, however, the sound that got picked up in the reviews was actually the easiest one of all: the chip friar sound. So here it is again. Enjoy.

(Source is Audeption over on Freesound. Their business is mostly music engineering, particularly dance tracks, so check out their website.)


Newcastle Theatre Royal (industry sharing) : 18th September 2020 (operated by me)

The Exchange, North Shields (preview) : 20th October 2021 (operated by me)

Gosforth Civic Theatre : 21st - 23rd. October 2021 (operated by me)

then 16 other venues until 13th November (operated by Corrie Livesey)

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