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I’ve written a Reiver play
Me, and the rest of the team after recording the monologue.

At long last I can announce one of the many bits of exciting news I've been itching to tell you but had to keep quiet. You might remember there was a competition Elysium Theatre launched late last year for three new audio plays to follow on from Steve Byron's Reiver Trilogy. At the last minute I decided to have a go. This is unusual for me, because I don't normally write to someone else's request of subject material. But I had an idea, wrote the whole lot between Christmas and New Year, and found out in January it had been picked. I can now tell you this because it's just been recorded and announced by Elysium.

For those of you new to this, the Border Reivers were clans based in the border regions between England and Scotland. For centuries, the border region was a lawless region because the English nor the Sottish rulers considered the area worth taming. Only when England and Scotland ended up with the same King was their grip on power broken. And in this story, we hear the voice of a Reiver chief. The game is up for John Croser. He got mixed up with the Irvines, and the Irvines did something really bad, getting the full attention of the Crown. Is the notorious John Croser really destined for the gallows, or does he have one final trick up his sleeve?

This was rehearsed last Friday and recorded today. It's now ready for post-production and is expected to be released in mid-March. Micky Cochrane (the farmer in the original Reiver play Blackmail) has done the voice of Croser. No decision yet on which platform this is going on to, but I'll let you know when I know.

I'll be adding this to my projects list shortly - in fact, you may want to have a look there anyway, because I'm making a lot of progress with my back catalogue. And don't go away - I have more news coming very soon.

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