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Contact me

If you want to get in touch, this form should do the trick. If you form needs a response, I normally get back to it within a few days - if I've still not got back to you, chances are something has gone wrong, and you can contact me another way.

If you want to send me any attachments, it's best to wait until I get back to you first. Please please please refrain from sending me attachments of 10MB+. It is almost always not necessary to send an attachment that big, and certainly not necessary for press releases and photos. Emails containing large attachments are liable to be deleted without me reading them.

As far as I can tell, this new form seems to be quite reliable, but spam filters tend to get a bit trigger-happy with these things. For the time being, if you're having trouble with the form you can contact me on my temporary contact email.

If you want to contact me for theatre blog matters, that's fine - all routes of contact end up with me. But it you're asking me for a review, I advise you to read my reviews policy and how to invite me to a review first. You might also want to read What Chrisontheatre Is Not.
Apart from that, happy emailing.

Social media

You are welcome to contact me on any of my socials. Currently I'm most active on Twitter (I refuse to call it X, that's a stupid name), but I'm also on Threads and Bluesky as preparations for the inevitable demise of Elonware. Instagram I don't use that much for theatre - instead it's mostly me going to places, posting pictures of said placed, and saying they're lovely.

If it's anything detailed, though, please use email. Social media is generally only used for getting my attention, arranging times to meet, and general banter. And, of course, please don't use social media for anything sensitive - I 100% do not trust social media companies to keep your data safe.

All social handles are cns_theatre, except Bluesky which is cns-theatre. For some reason, Bluesky doesn't like hypens.