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It's Not Cluedo! Picture of three cards, all with quesiton marks: one head, one dagger and one room

There's been a murder! And it's up to you to solve it! And by "you", I mean the six people nearest the scene of the crime. Watch any cops show and you'd think the crime is solved by a detective - but you'd be wrong! As anyone famous board game knows, murders are investigated by the suspects - who keep guessing murderer, weapon and location until someone gets it right. Also, as we all know, all murder mysteries have six suspects, six weapons, and nine locations.

But ... we're not going to rip off the plot of that game. We're going to create our own story! With a setting and murder victim suggested by the audience, suspects chosen by six invited fringe performers, and weapons and locations picks by brainstorm, we will be solving a brand new mystery. Can our suspect-sleuths unmask the killer in one hour?

If you're a fan of Vera but think the choice of murderer wasn't random enough, a fan of The Traitors but thought it unrealistic that murderer knows who the murderer is, a fan murder mystery but found the plot too logical, or a fan of Cluedo who plays it in character, this is the game for you! Featuring bewildered contestants, nonsensical plotlines, and worthless prizes, it's a thrilling exciting murder mystery ... but ... It's Not Cluedo!

Teaser trailer


Upcoming games:

Laurels (preview): 25th April 2024, 7.30 p.m. (Free, Ticketed) FULLY BOOKED!

(Sorry, had to pull extra date on 24th. The calendar has thwarted us.)

Rotunda Theatre, Brighton Fringe: 4th & 25th May 2024, 1.30 p.m. (£10/£8, Tickets)

NEW! Rotunda Theatre, Tunbridge Wells Fringe: 30th June 2024, 1.30 p.m. (£10/£8, Tickets)

Previous games (as development):

WIP 1: 27th March 2023 (featuring Hooky Productions and Robert Cohen)

WIP 2: 28th July 2023 (featuring Shellshock improv)

WIP 3: 30th July 2023 (featuring Brain Soup Collective)

WIP 4: 1st December 2023 (featuring Hooky Productions again, Debbie Cannon, Richard Stamp from The Wee Review and Michelle Yim from Rotunda Theatre)


Created and presented by Chris Neville-Smith

Developed for the fringe circuit with Michelle Yim and Ross Ericson

Many, many thanks to everyone who gave me inspiration for this game: Imaginary Porno Charades, Knightmare Live, Rob Rouse's Late Night Dirty Scrabble, John Robertson's The Dark Room and Mike Raffone's Great Green Gameshow Giveaway for the comedy game shows; plus Crime Scene Improvisation, Murder She Didn't Write and Criminally Untrue for the improvised murder mysteries.