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Brand new project: Doctor Coppelius
Doctor Coppelius. Written and performed by Chris Neville-Smith.

It's time for the second of the three things I've been itching to tell you. I'm going to Buxton Fringe with a brand new script. Bit of background to this: I had the idea for this play in January. Yes, a month ago. I had expected to do It's Not Cludeo at Buxton, but with by co-producing venue Rotunda now not coming to Buxton (long story), it wasn't practical to do it without them. But Buxton is probably my favourite fringe to perform at and I wanted to do something there - and then I realised I could make this one work.

Doctor Coppelius is the story of the tragic villain from the ballet Coppelia. If you don't know the ballet, don't worry. I assumed everybody knew Coppelia, but nonetheless, the whole story of Swanhilda, Franz and Dr. Coppelius is included in this. But also, I hope, a new dimension. Why dedicate his life to a mechanical doll? What made him do the terrible thing he did? I have written a whole new backstory - and also written what happened to him after.

I decided to take this to Buxton when I realised that this script can work as a straight storytelling piece. This can be considered a work in progress until I have a better idea of how to do this. So there is one performance only in Scrivener's Bookshop on July 11th at 4 p.m. Entry to this is free, because you are doing me a favour by coming along to be a test audience. Oh, and the room has a capacity of twelve, so if you want to be certain of a place, please contact me and I'll put you on a list. If there's a big demand, I'll consider doing more performances, but there's one committed so far.

If you're not coming to Buxton: I intend to do more performances. I have one or two ideas for how to do an the same early version near Durham, but I'll get back to you if and when I get round to arranging this.

Two announcements done. One to go, and I'm absolutely not allowed to mention this. But it's a good one.

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