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Hello you!

"I really must get round to updating my website"
Chris Neville-Smith (said for several years before he got round to doing anything)

Welcome to my playwriting website. I'm Chris Neville-Smith, best known online for my theatre blog. But when I'm not reviewing other people's work or making snarky comments about the state of theatre in general, I do create my own theatre. I've been particularly active at Brighton and Buxton Fringes with productions that I've written, produced, or both. I've also been active in technical support for other plays, particularly sound design. And also I do a comedy gameshow.

Please don't expect a sales pitch here. I enjoy my self-deprecation too much to take this too seriously. But if you've been wondering what I've been up to, what I've got coming up or just want to say hi, welcome!


Picture of undead-looking rat
The Rats in the Walls

A retelling of the H. P. Lovecraft story about a descent from idealism to madness, now in the shadow of the Vietnam War.

Three cards, all with question marks. One head, one dagger and one room
It's Not Cluedo!

Comedy gameshow developed with the Rotunda Theatre. Choose your own suspects, weapons and locations.

Map of the English and Scottish Borders in Reiver days.

A follow-on to The Reiver Trilogy by Steve Byron. It is 1603 and King James is clamping down on the Reiver clans. Can John Croser talk his way out of the gallows?



I have done sound design and tech support for a number of projects, including:

Hannah Ellis Ryan as Nora
A Doll's House

For Elysium Theatre, September 2022

Drawing of people queuing outside a fish and chip shop
Haddock and Chips

For Carol Wears Productions, October 2021

Durham Fringe logo (sanctuary knocker)
Durham Fringe

Tech lead at City Theatre from 2021.


Looking for the blog?

My main digital presence is my theatre blog which I've been running since 2012. I deliberately do not cover my own work on there, and I'm also cautious about covering anybody who I work with. However, in spite of being hard to please, I keep getting invited to review plays, mainly at Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes. If you want to know what I think of other plays, or you enjoy seeing me regularly biting the hand that feeds me, come on over and have a look.

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