Hello and Goodbye
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Danny Solomon and Hannah Ellis Ryan as the Schmidt siblings

Elysium Theatre and Queen Hall Hexham presents

Hello and Goodbye

by Athol Fugard

directed by Jake Murray

performed by Danny Solomon and Hannah Ellis Ryan

This was a mini-project in mid-2021 whilst theatre (outside of the festival fringes) still hadn't reopened. A play was produced for online streaming at the Northern School of Art in Hartlepool. It also served as a training opportunity for numerous design and film students at the school.

One common misconception about the Apartheid era of South Africa is that the Whites had it so easy. In reality, South Africa was also not a great place to be if you were the wrong kind of white person, and this story followed a brother and sister from one of the poorest white families. Not that Johnnie and Hester's father was exactly blameless, but that's a long story best explained by watching the play.

I only had a small involvement in this one - this was a low-budget production and the sound plot ended up as a joint job between myself and stage manager Andrew Glassford. Once theatres were going again, Hello and Goodbye was subsequently performed live in November 2021


Livestreamed from Northern School of Art on 23rd June (with subsequent catch-up streaming 25th June - 1st July)

Live performances at Queen's Hall and other venues, November 2021.

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