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A Christmas Confession

Okay, here's an idea I had for a 10-minute play. Just for fun, couldn't resist writing this. Unfortunately, the only place I could easily get this performed probably won't see the funny side of it, so here it is online if anyone wants it. A short Christmas play, in the style of It's a Wonderful Life meets The Wicker Man.

WARNING: Some people will not see the funny side of this and get rather offended. You should realise by the end of the first page if you that kind of person. If so, I advise you to stop reading. If you choose to read on, you are welcome to contact me and express your displeasure, but I reserve the right to publish any particular outlanding threats of eternal damnation.

Many thanks to Bite-Size Plays for inspiring me to write a 10-minute piece (it only took me ten years), and Darkmatter 2525 for radicalising me online.

Download A Christmas Confession

© Chris Neville-Smith, 2016

Permission granted to perform and redistribute this play for non-commercial use until further notice. If you perform it, please credit me as the author. It is not necessary to tell me you’re doing this, but it would be appreciated. If you put this online elsewhere, please keep this copyright notice in the script and link back to this website. If you wish to perform or distribute this play on a commercial basis, get in touch and we’ll sort something out. Contact for all enquiries, commercial requests, queries and death threats here.