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Christmas versus Claus

I had this idea for a play whilst on a Santa Special two years ago with my nephew and niece, about a power struggle between sworn enemies Father Christmas and Santa Claus. What do you mean, you thought they were the same person? That's a common misconception, but woe betide anyone who makes that mistake. I originally intended this to be a family play that both young children and adults could watch but- ... well, you'll see when you read it why the children idea was a non-starter. Still, the play turns into a message of good Christmas cheer. Eventually.

First half of the play shown here. I may try to get this published at some point, but until then, anyone who wants the rest of the script can contact me and ask. This script experpt is free to distribute and perform, but I will require permission from anyone who wants to do the whole play.

Anyway, here is is. Enjoy:

Christmas versus Claus (as pdf)

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Permission granted, until further notice, to re-use the sample page provided it is not for profit and I am credited as the author. Please contact me in advance for any other use, including readings or performances of the remainder of the script.