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Things I've done for the stage

The Tale of Macbeth. In Five Minutes. In Limericks. (With apologies to William Shakespseare.)

This was just a bit of fun I had a few years ago, but it was surprisingly popular. It began when I idly wondered why the humble Limerick is being passed over in favour of "serious" poetry forms like the sonnet. What would have happened if the great Shakespeare himself had written a play in Limericks instead.

However, I figured that after the first hours, the joke of doing a Shakespearian tragedy in Limericks might wear a bit thin. Probably better to shorten it. And if we're going to cut it, why not make the most of it and zip through the play at warp speed 9?

I have had the odd request for more Shakespeare plays in this format, with the suggestion that this might be useful for schools. Schools are welcome to this one, and I do intend to get round to another at some point, but believe me, at the moment I have a huge backlog of things to do. If you prod me I might get a move on, but for now, this is what you're going to get. So here it is:

The Tale of Macbeth. In Five Minutes. In Limericks. (As pdf.)

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