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Animated cross

This is something I did in Feburary 2012 for Shall These Bones Sing?, a play written by Chris Joby (writer of Crossing the Line at the 2011 DDS New Writing Festival). I operated the projector and designed the images, and one of the images requested was an animination of St. Cuthbert's cross slowly appearing on the back wall. Anyway, this is what I came up with:

Animation of St. Cuthbert's cross

Higher-resolution downloads available as follows:

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As presentation files (where you can click through each phase): Powerpoint format (for MS Office), or Opendocument Presentation format (for OpenOffice/LibreOffice).

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Boring legal disclaimer: Although the Cross of St. Cuthbert is long out copyright and the animation is my own work, the photo I used for the cross came from a CD produced by Durham Cathedral (details of how to purchase it here), which, in theory, they might want to claim copyright over. My position is that: 1) the images available on this website are far lower than the images on the CD and therefore won't harm the commercial income in any way; and 2) there's a few other images of St. Cuthbert's cross floating around on the interweb that appear to have been scanned from postcards sold by the Catherdral and no-one seems to mind. I have no objection to anyone re-using this animation for non-commercial use, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are covered to use this image. If anyone does have a problem with me using this image, please contact me directly about it and not Chris Joby.