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There'll be Light at the End of the Tunnel

Improbable Fiction logo from my production Okay, so the song at the end of Improbable Fiction is a comedy classic, and Denis King must have had fun writing it, but did the Stephen Joseph Theatre spare a thought for all us poor sods directing subsequent productions?

Yes, you can hire the sheet music from Samuel French, but then you've got to somehow get that into a recorded version to play on stage. For some reason, they never kept hold of the original recording, meaning that I had to arrange and sequence the whole thing from scratch. Still, I was lucky - I could call upon my A level in Music and my rudimentary knowledge of music sequencing software and do it myself. I've no idea how anyone else is supposed to do that.

So, to save future directors of this play the same hassle I've gone through, I'm happy to donate this arrangement and recording to anyone who needs it, in MP3, ogg or whichever format you fancy. Unlike the other content in my Samples and Freebies section, I'm not putting this one online because it's not my song to make available for download. But if you're doing this properly (i.e. you have performance rights for Improbable Fiction and you've got hold of the sheet music for the song), get in touch with me and ask. You can contact me here.

Boring legal bit: As well as the usual rule of mine that this is free for non-commercial use only, I expect you to go through the proper channels of getting permission for the song. Just to remind you of the obvious, when someone makes an arrangement of a copyrighted song, you need permission of both the writer or the original song, and the person who did the arrangements. I only did the latter. This means that before I send you anything, I will need assurances that you have performance rights for Improbable Fiction and you've hired the sheet music (which is free). It is your responsibility to ensure are legally covered, not mine.