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Our House

Here's a selection of production pictures to enjoy. All production photos taken at the dress rehearsal on Friday 14th November. Click on any photo for a larger image using my exciting new photo gallery tool.

Ted (Colin Clark) shows a young Sylvia (Kayliegh Knox) the vomit her husband left on his slipper Colin sits with his bereaved wife May (Lesley Anderson) to comfort her May looks in horror at her son Jack (Michael Luke) and his garish fashion sense Michael Luke as Jack, complete with cricket bat
Jack sits down and cringes as Ted explains the finer details of a visit the clap clinic Ted, May and Jack have a heated argument over who answers the new phone Henry Cockburn as Steve, struggling with some suitcases Hack has a tense stand-off with the neighbour, Les
Ted and May back from their only holiday Colin Clark as Ted, still in his holiday gear Lesley Anderson as May Ted has his first angina attack
Steve offers May a chip Jack's wife Sharon (Kayleigh Knox) is welcomed into the family by Ted and May Ted and May relax to Bing Crosby Jayne Stopford-Taylor as Candace
Jack fancies his chances on Candace: 'Gor, the same old chairs ... I had my first sexual encounter in this room' Kayleigh Knox as an elderly chain-smoking Sylvia Les grabs Sonja next door: 'Who are you trying to impress?' Steve takes out yet another box
Jayne Stopford Taylor as Sonja, in her negligee It's just not your day, is it Sonja? Now it's Jack's turn to strangle her. Jack comforts May during her final few monents in her beloved house And Sharon's there for Jack, who needs comforting too.
New neighbour Lance (Zam Tee) headbanging to The Ace of Spaces And now Lance brings out the first of his snakes Full cast (left to right): Jayne Stopford-Taylor (Sonja/Candace), Henry Cockburn (Steve/Les), Kayliegh Knox (Sylvia/Sharon), Michael Luke (Jack), Lesley Anderson (May), Colin Clark (Ted), Zam Tee (Lance) Full cast (back row, left to right): Jayne Stopford-Taylor (Sonja/Candace), Henry Cockburn (Steve/Les), Kayliegh Knox (Sylvia/Sharon), Michael Luke (Jack), Lesley Anderson (May), Colin Clark (Ted), Zam Tee (Lance). Crew (front row, left to right): Theresa Mulkerin (props), Charlotte Bond (lighting), Chris Neville-Smith (director), Dale Scott (Sound), Jennifer Gill (prompt)

And here's some older rehearsal photos taken during the rehearsal on the 3rd November.

Removal man Steve (Henry Cockburn) stops and sits on a trunk to chat with May (Lesley Anderson). May (Lesley Anderson) has a spat with her son Jack (Michael Luke). Ted (Colin Clark) has his first angina attack, whilst Jack (Michael Luke) stands over him. Ted (Colin Clark) does the ironing.
Jack sits with Candace, his publisher's assistant (Jayne Stopford-Taylor), and fancies his chances with her. Les (Henry Cockburn) and Sonja (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) have a row next door, through a cutaway. Sharon (Kayleigh Knox) offers May (Lesley Anderson) a butterfly bun). Oh, it's kicking off again next door. Now Jack (Michael Luke) strangling Sonja (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) through the cutaway again.
Ted (Colin Clark) gives May (Lesley Anderson) her pills. Sharon (Kayleigh Knox) comforts her husband Jack (Michael Luke).

Production photos © Wendy Smith, rehearsal photos © Janiece Spence. For high-resolution images suitable for printing, please contact the respective owner. Please note that some of these pictures are cropped section of larger photos, and a higher-resolution version may not always be available.

Improbable Fiction

Here you go. Click on any thumbnail for a larger version.

All pictures © Wendy Smith, taken during the dress rehearsal on the 22nd October (as we always to for full-length productions). Please contact Wendy Smith at DDS if you want print version or high-resolution digital versions, because I don't have copyright on these images.

Arnold Hassock (Mike Smith) counting how many people are coming. Hazel Geldard as Isla Wolby. Ilsa gives Arnold his present: a rather feeble Christmas tree. Jess Bale (Lesley Anderson) arrives.
Grace Sims (Yvonne Doyle) sits, holding her work protectively. Brevis Winterton (Alan Godfrey) is already bored. Clem (James Tynan) reads his work. Vivvi (Kayleigh Knox) hasn't a clue what's going on. Brevis, about to leave, say to Arnold 'You're a good bloke, you know Arnold ... You deserve better, you really do'
And suddenly ... everyone surrounds Arnold in Victorian dress, with Ilsa holding a knife. Kindly Dr. Thomas Goodpiece (aka Brevis) attends to the distressed Ilsa. And now a 1930s whodunnit - DCI Jim Rash (Clem) and DS Fiona Longstaff (Vivvi) surround and grill Arnold Mavis Green (Grace), sister of the deceased, interviewed by Jim Rash - do you think she's the baddie?
Rex Van Ecks (Brevis) explains alien abductions. Confused? So is Arnold. Rex van Ecks: 'They've taken over, they can make mistakes. Even in the town hall, the make mistakes.' Shifty nephew Dudley (Clem) works his charms on Mrs. Norris (Jess), Rex: 'You want to measure up, Solo? Solo (Vivvi) pulls a measuring tape held by a bewildered Arnold.
Jim Rash to a 1930s maid version of Ilsa: 'You think Mr. Hassock might have killed his wife, do you? Why should Mr. Hassock want to kill his wife, Ilsa?' I told you she was the baddie: Mavis Green's escape thwarted by Fiona Longstaff. Arnold and Dr. Goodpiece discuss their plan with Isla. 'Then, I noticed Ilsa sit up slightly in her chair, listening intently, as though she alone had heard something, something that had eluded the rest of us.'
Mrs. Norris aka Jess: 'And so, dear reader, we left the uncle a smiling, contented man, secure in the knowledge that his house was finally purged of hatred, to be filled once again with Christian love.' Rhona (Grace) and Solo arrive with some electronic gizmos known as STJs. It's Doblin the Goblin! Doblin (Ilsa) appears in front of a joyous Rhona/Grace and Rex/Brevis. Full cast and crew (L-R): Pete Hagger (Set), Kayleigh Knox (Vivvi), James Tynan (Clem), Tess Hagger (Production Advisor), Elenor Maddison (Props), John Maddison (Set), Lesley Anderson (Jess), Jessica Beard (Props), Mike Smith (Arnold), Chris Neville-Smith (Director), Hazel Geldard (Ilsa), Gordon Lawrie (Sound), Therea Mulkerin (Lights), Yvonne Doyle (Grace), Alan Godfrey (Brevis), Kate Lawrie (Prompt).

The First Sign of Madness (Buxton Fringe)

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the performance itself. It was all hands on deck and we couldn't spare anyone for photos - you'll have to settle for the photos from the 2011 production in Durham. So instead, here are some pictures of us setting this play up this rest of the time, which Nicki and I took between us.

Setting up for the first preview at The Empty Shop, Durham. This is getting real. My flyers are on the official Fringe desk ... And here's Nicki with my poster outside the venue. Me inside the entrance to Pauper's Pit.
Nicki and Me lugging the bench over half of Buxton to the venue. (Huge thanks to Linda Rolland for lending it.) Holy crap, it's on the blackboard! This is it. Me, Alan and Yvonne (Nicki's mum and general dogsbody) relaxing outside Buxton Pavillion halfway through the run. Me, Nicki and Alan in the Fringe Club after the run.

27 Wagons Full of Cotton

This is the play I directed for Sedgefield Drama Festival in September 2012. Wasn't intending to actually be in the play I was directing, but things didn't quite work out the way I originally planned. Don't worry, I don't go beating up women in real life.

These shots were taken at a dress/technical rehearsal on Monday 10th September. Slight complication in that the stage where we did the final rehearsal was a different stage to where we actually performed, so some of the scenery actually belongs to a completely different play. I'll leave to you to work out which is which.

Flora (Jayne Stopford-Taylor) at beginning of play Jake (Chris Neville-Smith) grabbing Flora's neck. What a nice guy. Jake makes up with Flora after beating her Silva Viarro (Peter Sutton) surveys the scene
Jake belittles Flora Silva, seated next to Flora, works his charms on her. Flora, left alone and distraught Me discussing lst-minute tweaks with my co-director (Tess Hagger)

DDS New Writing Festival 2011

Here's some photos from The First Sign of Madness which I wrote, Alan Godfrey's Plan C which I was in, and Chris Joby's Crossing the Line which I wasn't in but I may as well include to complete a set. They were mostly taken on the dress rehearsals on the 29th September.

Click on any thumbnail image below to see a larger image. Many thanks to Janiece Spence for taking all of these photos. This is a selection of the complete photo collection. For a photo not shown below, or a full-resolution photo for printing, please ask me nicely and I should be able to help.

Starting with Plan C ...

Brendan (Daniel Wright), Brian (Paul Gardner) and Robert (Steve Hill) prepare for their mission Bella (Heather Prestwich), Geraldine (Amanda Chapman) and Amy (Catherine Racine) finish singing the Mountains of Pomelroy Bella attends to a wounded Robert Incompentent medic Marta (Sheila Shippen) tends to a dying Brian
Brendan and Robert put the rucksack on the clueless Wilbert (Chris Neville-Smith) Wilbert gets treated to a last supper Landlord Sydney (Steve Norman) shows Wilbert the detonator Geraldine (Amanda Chapman) enlists herself as the new volunteer
Joanna (Nicki) and Craig (Paul) on the bench Curtain call, left to right: Cathy Langley as Florence, Catherine Racine as Amy, Heather Prestwich as Bella, Shelia Shippen as Martha, Chris Neville-Smith as Wilbert, Amanda Chapman as Geraldine, Steve Norman as Sydney, Paul Gardner as Brian, Daniel Wright as Brendon Chris Neville-Smith as Wilbert, Amanda Chapman as Geraldine, Steve Norman as Sydney, Paul Gardner as Brian, Daniel Wright as Brendon, Steve Hill as Robert, Colin Clark as Malcolm

Moving on to my play, The First Sign of Madness ...

Joanna (Nicki) and Craig (Paul) on the bench Nicki Doyle as Joanna Paul Gardner as Craig Flowers beween Nicki and Paul on the bench
Groundskeeper (Alan Godfrey) asks about Joanna and Craig Nicki and Paul on the bench Groundskeeper asks about Joanna and Craig a second time Nicki Doyle as Joanna, towards end of play

And finally, Crossing the Line ...

Saskia cleans the art studio Mondriaan explains 'The Style' to Saskia Alan Godfrey as Theo von Doesburg Neil gander as Piet Mondriaan
Mondriaan gives von Doesburg as dressing down over the use of non-primary colours in a painting Same painting after Mondriaan has adjusted the line to a vertical one Brendan (Daniel Wright), Brian (Paul Gardner) and Robert (Steve Hill) prepare for their mission Van Doesburg flirts with Saskia (Kathryn Gander)
Mondriaan reacting in horror to a painting containing green, purple and brown Curtain call, left to right: Paul Spence as George Vantongerloo, Alan Godfrey as Theo van Doesburg, Neil Gander as Piet Mondriaan and Kathyrn Gander as Saskia