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The Unseen Adventures of Captain America

This was an idea for a series of sketches I had in the middle of 2014 which appeals to my evil sense of humour. However, this would only ever fit into a sketch show, I'd have to write more sketches in order to produce a sketch show, and this was really a one-off. So as I'm unlikely to perform this any time soon, here it is for anyone who wants it. Usual rules apply: you are welcome to download, read, distribute or perform it for non-profit use until further notice. In the event you're thinking of performing it commercially, please ask me first.

If you're a fan of Marvel comics, I hope you'll see the funny side of this. If you're a fan of George W Bush's foreign policy, maybe you won't. Anyway, here you go ...

The Unseen Adventures of Captain America (As pdf.)

© Chris Neville-Smith, 2014

Permission granted, until further notice, to re-use the sample page provided it is not for profit and I am credited as the author. Full conditions of use on the script.