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Chris Neville-Smith

Things I've done for the stage


Here you can find details of productions coming up where I am writer, director, or a solo performer. If the list looks long, that's because it's not unusual for me to be making plans 18 months ahead. So ... here's what I have to show you:

Current, recent and upcoming:

Haunting Julia

My 2017 production for Durham Dramatic Society, co-directed with Tess Hagger as I'll be spending a lot of the rehearsal period in Brighton. Casting information at the moment, play information to follow.

The Gentleman of Russell Square

In development, a silent movie of stage. A public scratch performance happened in 2016, intending to take this further at a suitable spare moment.

Waiting for Gandalf (2018)

New page for a new production. My best reviewed fringe play is being revived in 2018 for Mankind at the Brighton Fringe, professionally directed by Patrick Sandford. More details coming soon.


And a Nightingale Sang

My main production for 2017 was C. P. Taylor's wonderful classic, for both Durham Dramatic Society and the Northern Conference of the Little Theatre Guild.

Waiting for Gandalf (2014-2017)

The web page for my oriignal production, to Buxton Fringe in 2014, Saltburn Drama Festival in 2015, Brighton Fringe and Newcaslte castle in 2016, and a final run at Buxotn Fringe in 2017. Except, of course, it's carried on.

The Memory of Water

My DDS play for the 2015 main season, showin21st - 27th June. Shelagh Stephenson's classic play of grief, loss, and unresolved family tensions.

A Nasty Little Play

Play that went to Buxton Fringe 2015, set in a seedy 1950s sex shop where anything as mild as stockings and suspenders was a big taboo. Alan Godfrey is writer and director of this, but it's being produced under my name with me in charge of all the administrative bits. Shown 19th - 22nd July 2015.

Our House

John Godber's play, my second full-length play for Durham Dramatic Society, about the disintegration of colliery communities after the pits closed. Not the cup of tes of many DDS regulars, but brought in a new audience of people who lived through those times themselves. Shown 16th-22nd November 2014.

Improbable Fiction

My directoral debut with a full-length play. Alan Ayckbourn's Improbable Fiction: a melodrama and a whodunnit - with aliens. Featuring Doblin the Goblin. Shown 24th-30th November 2013.

The First Sign of Madness

A play that I wrote in 2007, and produced on and off between that year and 2013. This went on to become my debut at the Buxton Fringe.

Past productions

Archive of older works.

Last updated 18th October 2014.