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If I

I don't normally do poetry. With a few exceptions, it doesn't really grab my interest. When I have tried poetry, it's normally been part of a play. However, I had an idea for this stand-alone poem back in 2006 which seemed quite popular. Since I'm unlikely to be releasing a poetry book any time soon (I'm pretty sure you need more than one poem for a book), here it is for you to enjoy.

If I

If I had the choice again, knowing what I now know;
If I could turn back the clocks to all those years ago;
If I'd had the chance to think of everything, instead
Of your kind words and her sweet voice, stuck inside my head;

If I'd known what I've since made a simple golden rule:
When you hear heat what you want to hear, it's easy to be fooled;
And if you mean the things you say, once can't help hesitate;
If I'd known the words you meant to say, but left too late;

If I'd seen the future stretching out before my eyes;
If I'd seen the half-truths, the excuses and the lies;
How hard I'd try to made it work; and when it came the grief,
If I'd known the ending would be something of relief;

And even though it wasn't long till someone came your way;
Somebody who noticed there were words you had to say;
Even though the two of you became the perfect pair;
Even though it's clear you've a future yet to share;

Even though I understand it's set to last forever;
Even though I'm happy for the two of you together;
Even though I wish you well in everything you do;
If I had the choice again, my love, it would be you.

© Chris Neville-Smith, 2006

Permission granted, until further notice, to re-use this material provided it is not for profit and I am credited as the author. Please contact me in advance for any other use.