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And a Nightingale Sang

There are no public worries in wartime, only private worries. As Chamberlain declares war on Hitler and the nation turns its eye to the Western Front, in Tyneside life goes on for the Stott family. Over the course of the war, grandfather, mother, father and two daughters have their own preoccupations, troubles and joys - not least Helen and Joyce who both fall in love with serving soldiers. For one sister, it will end in happiness and fulfilment; for another, it will in heartbreak in the least expected way. One of the earliest plays ever performed at Newcastle's Live Theatre, with the music of Vera Lynn throughout the story, And A Nightingale Sang commemorates the struggles on the home front and how the human spirit always survives.

This play will be shown in September, and more information will be added when tickets go on sale. In the meantime, I can announce the cast:

Cast and crew:

The cast will be:

Helen Stott, eldest daughter Anna Snell
Norman Graham Alexander
Joyce Stott, younger daughter Amanda Chapman
Eric Kristian Colling
George, father Colin Clark
Peggy, mother Caroline Chapman
Andie, grandfather Paul Monaghan

Details of casting information are now on the archive page.