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About the Twitter feed

If you're reading this page, you have probably clicked from the link on my Twitter feed. If you've come from anywhere else, you've got too much spare time. Anyway ...

Contact me

You've probably followed this link to get contact details. There are three different places you can go:

Don't worry too much about getting the right one though. They all go to the same person (me). I aim to reply to everything that needs a reply, so if you don't hear from me, I'm not ignoring you, you've probably fallen foul of a spam filter. Try again from a different page and you might have more luck.

What this feed is for (and what it isn't)

The Twitter feed is a collated feed of updates to both my playwriting site (which has my own work) and my theatre blog (which is mostly reviews, comments and news of other people's work). I normally keep the two things separate, but at the moment I'm keeping the two in the same feed. I might separate the two in the future if it makes things easier, but for now that's what you're getting.

Note, however, this is an extremely begrudging concession I'm making into the world of social media. In general, I hate social media, especially the pointless drivel that people spew out in order to competitively boast about their unremarkable social lives. This means:

  • You won't find anything unrelated to my theatre stuff in this Twitter feed, and you won't find updates about my social life on any web page that's anything to do with me. I'm not interested.
  • The Twitter feed solely consists of links to updates on my other sites. You won't hear anything new from Twitter that you couldn't also find out from checking my proper websites. It's just an alternative way of getting updates.
  • I won't necessarily monitor any Twitter feeds. Don't contact me through Twitter if you want to be sure I've read it. Use the contact forms above instead.
  • Any Tweets directed at me unrelated to theatre will be ignored or blocked.
  • I especially won't be engaging in lengthly 140-character arguments with other Tweeters. Most high-profile celebrities on Twitter evidently skipped school the day common sense was explained, but I didn't.

Who I follow

I tend to only follow - Christ, are you still reading this? Are you unemployed or something?

Okay, if you really want to know about this, I have no interest in the game of accumulating as many followers as possible. I restrict my followers to a small number of people and organisations who I work with or have worked with in a theatre capacity, a few bigger theatres that Twitter arm-twisted my into following during registration, and the occasional group who I'm a big fan of and what to keep track of what they're up to. If you absolutely must go chasing followers, you can improve your chance of being followed by posting more stuff related to theatre and less vacuous bullshit about your social life.

There are no return favours for following me. You are welcome to follow me if you wish, but I don't normally follow people back in return. If you want a part in one of my plays or you've sent me a script to read, I will not view you any more or less favourably just because you followed me on Twitter. Similarly, if you're hoping I will give you a good review on my theatre blog, following me on Twitter won't change the outcome. Contact me properly if you want me to review you.

If I unfollow you, that is nothing personal - that will merely be a periodic spring clean of followers who I no longer work with. If you're not someone who I know through theatre connections, please don't be disappointed if you don't get followed. If you are someone I knew from school who I couldn't stand, I shall probably decline your request for me to follow you, but not before I go through all the photos on your Twitter feed to check if you're a massive fat loser.

And that's all the rules. For heaven's sake, find something more interesting to do now.