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Contact Me

Welcome to my all-new all-singing all-dancing e-mail contact form, brought about because I'm getting sick of all the annoying spam from annoying spammers. Many thanks to these guys who kindly created the free-to-use code.

I aim to reply to all non-spam e-mails I receive through this page, so if you don't get a reply and you're not a spammer, it's unlikely I'm ingoring you; it's more likely your e-mail has fallen foul of a technical fault or an over-zealous spam filter. Try again and you should be lucky a second time. If it still doesn't work, the old contact form is still available. You can also contact me through one my other websites.

UPDATE: This page is very dodgy at the moment. E-mails seem to be eaten by a spam filter somewhere. Infuriatingly, this my Theatre Blog contact page seems to have given up too. Use form below at own risk. In the meantime, I've set up as a temporary web contact e-mail address. You might want to use that until I get this fixed.

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