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Welcome to my website where I write a bit about writing and directing I've been doing for the theatre. This isn't intended to be a marketing or self-promotional site as such; rather, it's just a point of reference for anyone wondering what I'm up to, what I've done in the past, or how to get in touch with me.

NEW! I'm back

Sunday October 22nd: Don't worry, I'm not dead. I realise I haven't updated this web page in five months, which is a little embarrassing, but it turns out that the innocent-looking script of And A Nightingale Sang is actually a complete bastard to produce, especially if you're doing it properly and including the songs and you're doing the job of musical director as well as director. As well as half the job of theatre techie as no-one else knows how to program lighting and sound. Meanwhile, I was kept busy by a Buxton Fringe reprise of Waiting for Gandalf which was low-key but still took up time over the summer (although I got this review which made it worth it). Oh, and for some reason people keep inviting to review Edinburgh Fringe shows and that took up time as well.

But we made it and got one of the better-selling productions including a sell-out on the final evening. No sooner than that was sorted, however, the play for next year ran into complications. I'm not going to write a blow-by-blow account of what happened online because it's not worth the arseache. Anyway, we've ending up with Haunting Julia, and don't worry, this is on my list of plays I wanted to direct and not just something I was arm-twisted into doing. Auditions was probably take place probably in March. The good news is that there's no singing in this and it's a comparatively straightforward piece to produce. The bad news is that there's a cast of three men and there's an absolutely massive number of lines to learn. You have been warned.

However, I am in various discussions for other possible projects next year. I can't really talk about any of these yet - most are up in the air, and one or two involve inside information I've been asked not to disclose yet. But there's a lot of exciting options coming out of this, and I expect I will have something to announce soon. Possibly something major.

I'll try to get photos for And A Nightingale Sang up shortly. Keep your eyes peeled here for further announcements.

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